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Frequently asked questions

Do you currently take commissions?

I nearly always take new commissions. Just contact me to see if it's possible to fit you in. Since I work on them chronologically inbetween events, make sure to state a deadline when sending your checklist

How much will that cost?

That question can't be answered generally. The cost depends on quality, project and time. To get a calcultation on how much your project would cost, please send me the checklist.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary by destination, order size and wether you need express or special shipping!

How can I commission you?

Please check the commission page on how to commission me. You'll find all info there.

Can I pay in multiple instalments?

Generally you can only pay in one or two installments. If agreed upon from both sides, multiple instalments might also be possible, depending on the situation.

How do you get those high prices?

Whenever I'm calculating a price I will stay as customer friendly as is possible. Depending on the product the prices vary because of differences in quality. A wig on amazon might cost 10€, but if theres hours of work put into it, that's what makes the price. For example a full beard takes, next to material cost, about 10-20 hours of hand knotting.

When will I get my order?

Shipping time for items from the shop depend on wether they are in stock or get made when ordered. Commissions take about 2-3 months, longer depending on the project, your deadline and how many commissions I currently have.

Do you ship to xy?

I ship worldwide! Please be aware that international shipping might be more expensive and takes more time though!

Can you do xy?

Generally, yes! I do a large variety of things. Please contact me with your inquiry and I'll see whats possible :)

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