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How commissions work

Anything that is not available in the shop can be commissioned, wether you want a custom wig, special prosthetics or props. 

Prices vary depending on the materials used and of course the quality you want. Of course a completely handknotted human-hair wig is much more expensive than a synthetic wig with a glued hairline. 

If you want to commission me, please send all the information from the checklist down below via Facebook (Instagram or Mail only if Facebook is not possible for you!). 

After you send all the information, pictures and your wishes, I can calculate how much it would cost. If you have a budget and deadline, please state that via the checklist so I can see if that is possible! 

The commission begins as soon as the payment or first installment arrives. Then I can order materials and begin to work.

I'll inform you about different steps while working on your order to confirm. Your approval of the different steps is binding.

Your order will be shipped (or handed off at an event) after the commission is fully payed.



Please send the full list via Facebook :)

(shamelessly stolen from bakka Cosplay)

1) High quality reference photos.

Please remember that I work off the reference photos alone! Any inaccuracy due to wrong                references is not within my liability. 


Tiny screenshots, full body, photos of a screen, link/dokuments/files/PDFs...

2) Detailed contact information: 

full name, current billing and shipping adress (with destination country) 

current valid e-mail adress (and paypal adress, if different)

current phone number with country code!

3) Deadline and Budget

Commissions are prioritized depending on deadline. I'll also try to make your wishes fit your budget.    Please be aware that your budget must be realistic to your wishes. You can't get a fully handmade    detailed costume for 200 bucks.

4) Payment information

bank tranfer (€-countries) or paypal (international)?

Do you want to pay in 1 or 2 instalments?

5) Approval of the terms and conditions

I'll know if you read them ;)

6) Your wishes :)

What kind of hairline do you wish? What kind of updo or sidecuts or other specialities do you wish?    Do you want to commission more that just a wig? Do you want to buy an adhesive with your wig? 

Remember, nearly everything is possible! If you are not sure what the best options for your project    are, I'll gladly give advice, so just state here that you aren't sure :)

7) Your measurements

To get an accurate measurement, I recommend asking a second person to assist you. Prepare your hair like you would do it underneath the wig. You can also make extra sure that your wig will fit you by sending me a tape copy of your head. Here is a tutorial on how to do that. It is very important that you send the correct measurements. You are responsible for the measurements you send to me! Changes caused by incorrect measuring may result in additional costs, see terms and conditions

Copy and fill out: 

  1. Circumference:  cm

  2. Ear to ear over hairline:  cm

  3. Front to nape:  cm

  4. Circumference diag.:  cm

  5. Ear to ear:  cm

  6. Nape width:  cm

  7. Temple to temple horizon.:  cm

  8. Ear to ear over top:  cm

  9. Temple to temple over top:  cm

  10. Ear to ear over nose:  cm



Copy and fill out (beards and masks): 

  1. Nose to lip:  cm

  2. Mouth width: cm

  3. Lip to chin:  cm

  4. Ear to jaw corner:  cm

  5. Ear to mouth:  cm

  6. Chin to jaw:  cm


   A & B - for masks

Screenshot 2022-03-06 123342.png

picture credit: bakka Cosplay


picture credit: bakka Cosplay

Screenshot 2022-03-06 123419.png
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