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Custom Pillows

Custom Pillows

Custom painted Pillows.
Get your favorite character, Art or other stuff on a pillow.
All characters, your favorite fanarts or other things (e.g. a dog) are possible.
The pillows are usually white. If you prefer another colour, that is also doable. For more information, contact me via instagram or mail.

40x40 cm Pillow with one drawing = 70€
Each additional drawing = 50€

Why are the drawings so expensive?
The pillowcases are store-bought and don't cost a lot, but the paintings on them are handmade and custom. I draw everything on the pillowcase myself and paint it on. Each character takes about 4-5 hours of work!
e.g. a pillow with 3 characters on it takes up nearly 15 hours!!!

    70,00 €Price
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