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Lucky Bags

Lucky Bags

You simply can not choose what you want?
Then simply buy a surprise bag!

There's different sizes available, which contain different things!
You can NOT choose what you get, BUT you can send me preferences (i.e. your favourite styles, colours, outfits etc.) via the note feature :)



The different sized bags contain AT LEAST the following things (amongst other things, the mentioned things is not the only thing in there!):

S(15€) - at least one Print from my shop.
M (50€) - at least one hairpiece (mustache or beard etc.) or prosthetic
L (60€) - at least one Print AND one hairpiece or prosthetic
XL(70€) - at least TWO prints and ONE hairpiece/prosthetic
XXL (90€) - at least TWO hairpieces/prosthetics
ALL FOR ONE (100€) - at least two hairpieces/prosthetics AND two prints


For more information, preferences etc. message me on facebook!

The contained items get made SPECIALLY for your bag, so they can NOT be immediately shipped!

    15,00 €Price
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