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Prosthetic Clown Scars

Prosthetic Clown Scars

High quality prosthetics made with encapsulated silicone.

Of course both Scars for each side of the face are included.


Available encapsulated with Glatzan or Super Baldiez.


Please be aware that the character photo is only an example picture! The way you paint your wound decides what it will look like!


Photo: Jaira Wolf

Model, Makeup and Photoedit: Charles Dickends

  • Glatzan or Super Baldiez?

    The difference between the encapsulation products is the following:

    Glatzan = dissolve edges with acetone

    Super Baldiez = dissolve edges with isopropyl alcohol (please be aware that you can not paint this kind of prosthetic with alcohol colours!)

45,00 €Price
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